Until 2010 it constituted the urban centre of the homonymous municipality. Following the implementation of the new law in 2011 on the constitution of bigger municipalities in Greece it is under the jurisdiction of the municipality of Nestos. As the oldest municipality centre provides all visitors with all necessary amenities such as bank, post office, port, primary school and high school as well as a citizens Public Service Office. Furthermore, two information centers operate on a daily basis (summer time) in Keramoti. The first one is located at the dock of the port and offers assistance on all matters concerning visitors about the village and the surrounding areas. The second one is located on the eastern side of the village, behind the high school and gives out information on the different species of birds and rare wildlife and vegetation which can be found in our area and may be visited at all times. That makes our area an ideal destination for all nature lovers.

The Lecani mountains are spread all around us, where visitors and mountaineers may discover beautiful sites of vast diverse vegetation, small picturesque mountain villages, as well as the famous narrows of Nestos (Thracian Tempe), on the borders of Kavala & Xanthi prefectures, which offer a unique and breathtaking sight of predatory birds and by which you will be definately impressed. At these areas there are various activities taking place, such as canoe-kayak, rafting, 4x4 off road tours, bird watching, hikes and so on. Our hotel can and will offer you all the assistance you need to contact the right people or make you the arrangements for any activity you might wish.